Quality: Efficient usage of time and our labor standards are our most important factors that determines the quality.

RESPONSIBILITY: we will act with honesty and integrity to ensure the reliability of our relationship.

ACTION: We will join to our customers’ works to minimize difficulities and to make them cost-efffective and we will contirbute.

Applications: Our company is administrated to provide long-term profitability and planned growth.

Success: We believe values of innovative technologies. We will focus on higher success aiming to always look beyond our current level.

Innovation:We support creative thinking and R&D that improve systems and services. We will take particular account of new ideas.

Respect: We know that the individual’s satisfaction and respect from us will move our level to better points. We will improve our works based on this principle.

Employees: We believe that our employees show their utmost best effort. We wiil focus on improve our working systems.

Honesty: We behave the way we want to be treated ourselves to our customers that It is a product of the nature of the behavior of our company.

Transparency: We will be informative and transparent to communities who provide and receive service.

Work: We believe that people should be in a place which make them proud of in. We will authorise to people to prevent obstacles that front of achieving quality.

Education: We appreciate individual’s improvement. We will encourage our employees and make convenient environment for each personel to improve themselves.